Fine Art Photography Academy

Photography training courses & workshops starting in February
Registration opens NOW!

  • • Range of Evening & Daytime courses
  • • Small groups, safe and friendly atmosphere
  • • Perfect for beginner & amateurs of all ages
  • • Special training courses for professionals
  • • Easy comprehensive curriculum
  • • Be taught by our experienced BA & MA photographers
  • • All photography services: studios, equipment, exhibitions


P.S: Spaces are limited, so don’t hesitate – book your space today.

We look forward to meeting, working with you and helping you learn all about digital photography and getting the most out of your camera.


About Fapa

” We are a visually illiterate society […] Our world is changing fast – faster than we can keep up with our historical modes of thinking and communicating”. Dave Gray (2012)

After an extensive career of teaching photography for 20 years in a variety of Universities in Lebanon such as AUB and AUST, I thought to myself: Why limit the teaching to a classroom? Why not extend my instructions to people of all ages outside the university environment? While it’s true that anyone can snap a photo nowadays, not everyone can be called a photographer. Not without the proper techniques, at least.


With that said, I founded:


FAPA can turn anyone into a photographer.

FAPA is the only Academic center created to teach “photography” from A to Z and provide students with the necessary insight and skill set to spot, evaluate, analyze, and produce artistic imagery.


FAPA provides a complete academic program for all levels of knowledge ranging from an entry level to a more specialized level. This program also offers a set of training courses for those who want to start a professional career in the field of photography.

This institute also serves as a guesthouse for all photographers and artists who want to showcase and discuss their work.


Tanya AtallahDahdah

MFA Photographer.



About FAPA

FAPA is the only Academic center created to teach “photography” from A to Z and lead student on how to see, create, evaluate and produce images throughout photography.

FAPA sets a complete academic program, for whoever wants to start their photography career. There are also special photography training courses for professionals who want to improve their photography work.

Why Choose FAPA

  • Well Experimented Instructors
  • Different choices of courses
  • Friendly Environment
  • Extended Support
  • Official Certificates

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