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Can anyone attend FAPA photography courses?

Yes, this is correct, any candidate who likes to take photos can attend FAPA courses as long as he or she start with the Basic photography course and then upgrade to higher courses level based on his or her interest.

How many hours does a course take?

Courses are usually given in sessions of 3 hours each over a month period of time, some courses might have exceptions but all details will be listed in the course itself.

Can i subscribe for more than one course?

For some courses it is possible to subscribe for more than one, but you have to get back to FAPA management and your ability to handle more than one course at the same time.

Do you accept youngesters and teenagers at your academy?

Yes we do and we have created special courses for youngsters and teenagers who would be interested into taking digital photography as a hobby or future profession.

What would happen when i finish a course?

Once a course is fully completed by a candidate he or she shall receive a certificate of achievement and also will go on a field trip with other classmate to more experiment what they have been taught in class.

What would happen if i achieved all FAPA courses?

If you achieve all FAPA courses, then you will become a professional photographer and you can take Photography as your own business or career.

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